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White lies for local strangers

White lies for local strangers

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White lies for local strangers

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My mind is a galaxy of dying stars
A whirling mass of flaring emotions
Raging with a dull heat
Heavy, exhausted
Once these thoughts were butterflies
Flitting carelessly through summer gardens
Now those spirits have attained their metamorphosis
Their poison tongues become tongues of flame
My skin feels tight against my skull
It no longer fits correctly
And sleep has forsaken me
A cruel god turning his face from my need
And so I build a universe on words
Not movement, but memory
Once touched by a foreign body
Always connected
My universe is weak
This I know; but it is mine
And although its borders may be breached
It is never truly conquered
The stars are slowly going out
No matter, enough still shine for now
The night is long, but the universe is infinite
As you once were to me

(Rodney Orpheus)

The Cassandra Complex, One Millionth Happy Customers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xddV9mq6NE

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Ordner MC Fine Art
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Kamera NIKON D80
Objektiv 80.0-200.0 mm f/2.8
Blende 5.6
Belichtungszeit 1/30
Brennweite 80.0 mm
ISO 100