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What to do with this mess?

What to do with this mess?

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What to do with this mess?

Hello everyone.

I sadly accidently deleted the original of a picture and only found a very "overcontrasted" version.

even though I have photoshop CS6 I dont know anything about picture editing and am unable to repair it.
Also was unable to find help on the google or youtube.

Can you tell me what I should do in PS CS6 to repair it in detail?

sorry for my lack of skill and knowledge on any level and thanks for reading and all your help.


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  • TheScratcher 15. Januar 2014, 12:03

    PS: this is just one part of the whole picture, the part where it is most obvious how "overcontrasted" it is.

    I would love to still have the epic shapes of the clouds but loose the disgusting fragmentations/pixelations.

    and would like to know how :/


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Kamera Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL
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Blende 5.6
Belichtungszeit 1/80
Brennweite 18.0 mm
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