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Nicole Frischlich

Basic Mitglied, Recklinghausen

We all deserve a good life

In acceptance of your own way of acting I think there are sometimes situations in your life where you should feel guilt after you had acted by the seat-of-the-pants
and you had made a mistake or had done something wrong. You wouldn´t recognize it if you wouldn´t have the ability to feel how it is, feeling guilty.
This very valuable feeling shouldn´t make you become sick or feel bad, because you should force yourself to recognize your chance to change minds or act in a
way you wouldn´t complicate your own life. It´s just some kind of motivation of becoming a better person or become wiser. The very real honesty to yourself in every direction gives you the strength of believing how
unique you and everybody else in this world is. Of course we all deserve a good life!


Kommentare 1

  • Titus08 20. Mai 2013, 21:55

    Wirkt sehr intensiv und direkt. Auch hier begeistert nicht zuletzt die Bildgestaltung!