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Victim of Shipbreaking Industry

Victim of Shipbreaking Industry

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Wahid Adnan

Free Mitglied, Dhaka

Victim of Shipbreaking Industry

Saiful Islam (47) lost one of his eyes by a hot tiny metal particle while cutting a steel plate using oxy-acetylene torch in ship breaking yard. He was not provided with the protective eyegear to use in work.

Huge casualties occurs causing loss of lives every year in ship breaking industry due to lack of proper safety management. An alarming statistics shows such casualties left around 600 workers killed and another three thousand injured or disabled in the last 15 years. The casualties mainly result from oil or gas chamber blasts, flammable substances, fall from high places, manual carrying of heavy steel sheets etc. The labors reside in a most unhygienic condition, sleeping on the floors in-group and taking poor foods.

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