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Nadia Favie

Free Mitglied, Sassenheim

Toean dan Burung

The man he wistled:
'Goodevening, burung. How was ur day? Tell me what have u done?'
The bird he cheept:
'Ofcourse Toean, my day was great. I sang the highest note. I ate some seed and sang some more. The weather was oh so fine. I saw so many things, got so much to tell. The lady next door sents her greetings. The cat almost got me, but i escaped...now Toean, what do u say of that?'

The man he smiled and gently put
the bird back in his cage.
He looked one more to all his feathered friends
sighed and walked inside.
Tomorrow, surely, he will understand,
for today he only heard 'cheep'...

~~~picture originally drawn by Rogier Boon; fotographed at Pasar Malam Besar 12 june 2005, The Hague~~~

A year has gone by since i put my first picture on FC. I want to thank all people who clicked or wrote a message to one or more of my pictures. Thank you for all nice remarks and tips!!!
Take care :)

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  • Bart van Oijen 16. Juni 2005, 15:59

    Hoi Nadia,
    Van harte gefeliciteerd met je éénjarig jubileum hier. Mogen er nog vele gezonde, productieve, en creatieve volgen!
    L.Gr. (mijn duits wordt er maar niet beter op)



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