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letztes Foto aus der Serie mit Katharina. Schönen Dank an dich. Jedes einzelne Foto hat mir sehr viel Spaß gemacht...
Thinking about you
Dreaming about you
Boy you've got me going crazy
Imagining myself with you
Each and every day
Wanting to be near you
In each and every way
Wanting just to touch you
Wanting to hear everything you've got to say
Wanting to be mad at you
Wanting to hate you
Because you're not with me
But at you I can't seem to get angry
Caring for you
And hoping in some way you care for me too
Afraid to call you
Afraid to hear your voice
Afraid of how it will affect me
Can't sleep good because you're on my mind
Gotta stop thinking of you
Because maybe I'm wasting my time
Not wanting to get over you
For some reason you've got this hold on me
Whether we're in the same city or states apart
For some reason, I feel as though you've got my heart.
Like LL Cool J said this is more than a crush
Whenever I'm around you, I get this rush
Trying to be calm around you
Hoping you can't tell
That you've got me under this spell.


don´t forget to smile
don´t forget to smile
Tripple T Photografie

...waiting for you
...waiting for you
Tripple T Photografie

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