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Erik Feingold

World Mitglied, München

The streets of Jerusalem 01

Photographed in Jerusalem on 24.12.2002 with Canon EOS 3 + Sigma Macro 50/2.8 EX / Sigma 17-35/2.8-4.0 EX on Kodak 100 Elite EC + Speedlight 550EX flash.

The place is "Yemin Moshe". This is the first settlement that was ever built outside the walls of the old city of Jerusalem and as such it is the beginning of "modern Jerusalem". The architecture is a mixture of European and Middle-Eastern styles and all the buildings are covered with the unique "Jerusalem stone".

Today it is mostly the residence of artists (sculptures and painters) etc.

Kommentare 5

  • JOchen G. 11. April 2002, 16:22

    it´s a very peacefull picture of a very violent region.
    Lets hope, the peace come´s back soon for all people living there!
  • Anna Zimmermann 20. März 2002, 13:13

    Oh, this is so beautiful!
    The colors are amazing and the place looks so nice!
  • Erik Feingold 19. Februar 2002, 10:47

    Sylvia Mancini, 24.1.2002 um 22:08 Uhr
    The photograph gives the impression of tranquility and quietness...but it also makes me think of ways that are set and fronts that do not display what is really behind them...
  • Thomas Cerncic 25. Januar 2002, 19:56

    Bei diesem Bild kommt die räumliche Tiefe sehr gut zur Geltung.
    Das Motiv ist in Farbe und Form sehr schön.
    Servus, Thomas
  • Erik Feingold 25. Januar 2002, 16:38

    This one is my favorite.



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