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the legend of OM Bana

- - -
At times one is forced to believe, imagination is stronger than knowledge.

In 1991, OM Bana a proud owner of a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 crashed into a tree and died in the mishap. Rajasthan is known as a land of wonders and one can expect surprises on every nook and corner.

Legend has it that OM Bana's Bullet possesses supernatural powers. Soon after his death his bike was impounded and taken to the police station. You must be wondering, what is so unnatural about it. What happens soon after OM Bana's bike hits the police station, is when it gets interesting. It is said that, his bike mysteriously return to the accident spot and was found under the same tree the next morning.

The police assumed this to be prank and got the bike back to the station, emptied the fuel tank, chained-up its tyres. However OM Bana's bike, was once again found under the same tree next morning. This was enough for the people in the village and nearby villages to believe OM Bana's bike possessed supernatural powers.

This episode made the people believe, that this was no ordinary Bullet and they built a temple to worship the supernatural motorcycle and christened it Bullet Baba. Legend has it that, people in the nearby villages, can hear OM Bana's bullet revving in the dead of the night.

People from the villages and travelers till date stop by and seek Bullet Baba's blessings and protection. So, does the Bullet Baba really protect. Let's not forget, this motorcycle is made like a gun and goes like a bullet. But this time around the 'Bullet Baba' draws attention without revving!
- - -

auch unser Fahrer stoppte unvermittelt an diesem speziellen Ort

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Om Banas bike
Om Banas bike
Hans-Peter aus München

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