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The Diamond Cape

http://www.homerocean.com/halibut_fishing.htm | There is no better way to experience the true Alaskan experience than to go Halibut fishing in Alaska. You can take a full day boat excursion in Homer, Alaska, which gives you the chance to take to the Pacific Ocean in search of fresh halibut. During your trip, there is the chance that you will be able to spot a few whales or sea otters. Since Halibut season runs from April to September, you won't have to worry about the cold Alaskan winters, though you should be sure to dress in layers just in case it is cooler out on the water.
When you plan your trip, you can choose the type of vessel you want to take out. Our half day charters use our Bay Explorer and our full day charters use our Diamond Cape or the SeaHawk. Six-seat boats offer a fun ride on the ocean waters, and still give you plenty of room to move about as you search for your catch of the day. Book your trip today to see the best of Alaska Halibut fishing.

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