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Peter. Gau

Free Mitglied, sligo


my camera is broke again, so i went through my old pics and found this one. Thought its an ok picture.

I actually dont really like pictures of swans that much, maybe because they always look so "girlie" but there are so many of them at that lake, that it was hard to avoid them :-))

Kommentare 9

  • DSK 22. April 2008, 6:47

    Thats very great
  • Ramunas Siugzda 29. Oktober 2007, 1:27

    Indeed, I have to agree with Luc Grollie vand Sue Thompson regarding The Swans.
    I like this picture even if it looks a bit out of contrast but that one minus gives a big plus to the picture's mood.
    Nice and peaceful.

  • Gert van der Flier 27. Oktober 2007, 8:56

    It's a beauty. Well done.
    I like it.
    Best regards, Gert
  • CsomorLászló 26. Oktober 2007, 10:03

    Sehr schön abend shot
  • Theo Weijmer 25. Oktober 2007, 21:19

    Nice bunch and it works very well with that golden sky in the back, like the soft lighting on the swans.
    Greetings Theo
  • Vesela Maleeva 25. Oktober 2007, 21:13

    Beautiful light and atmosphere.
  • Geoff Ashton 25. Oktober 2007, 21:04

    verry nice foto of the swans and i really like the sky
    my comisarations on your camera
    hope its not to sieriouse
    best wishes geoff
  • Luc Grollie 25. Oktober 2007, 20:05

    imho they make the pic more dynamic and complete the composition....
    ggod luck with the cam !!!!
  • Harald Kilsch 25. Oktober 2007, 18:48

    Great shot, well done!

    VG Harald