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Nicole Frischlich

Basic Mitglied, Recklinghausen

Summer 2013 Coffee roastery "Edel" Recklinghausen

Coffee is just coffee?

Ist Kaffee bloss ein Kaffee?

No, I am sure it isn´t.
I am sure there are varieties of differences like to indulge a Scotch or a cuban cigar.

You should be a gourmet.

I just love to enjoy a really good coffee.
I like to sit in the coffee roastery "Edel" in Recklinghausen and dive deep into the smell of the fresh brewed coffee beans.

This is a moment of stillness!
This is one of the important ones.

The owner often tells in an admirable and figurative way about how he creates a new coffee. Just love to sit there and listen to his stories and breathe the smell.

I also favourize a real good Scotch. Damned good with this smoky and peaty flavour.

Everything is topped off with a cuban cigar.

This is what sometimes life wants...
The minutes of luxury living!

But on the other side I think about the poorness, the illness, the political problems in the world and my feelings are fulfilled with
deep emotional empathy.

Not everything is fair
Not everybody is acting fair...

I wish I could change more...
Turn the bad into good people.


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