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Bettina Hackelsperger

Free Mitglied, Kelheim

Songs to the Sirene....

Don’t fall in love with a curious one because I’ve been there.
They will unbutton your shirt, read every scar, every mark, every curve.

There is no ache like loving a curious one
who chases every falling star and never catching one.
Who comes and sees and conquers

and leaves.

I’ve fallen in love with a curious one.
Maybe one day she will take the train back home
and be curious enough to read one last message from me
carved on a seat.

“There’s a curiosity in you that will move mountains some day
as effortlessly as you’ve moved me for years

(~ Ray Andrew Wilkes)

Porcupine Tree. Trains... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnyhIp6dBgg

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