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Free Mitglied, Istanbul

Snail Love

Huge love for all! :)
Sorry that i wasn’t here for a loooong time, i was a little bit (!) lost at work and my connection at home was broken.. I missed you all so much! I’m so glad to have an oppurtunity to be here again, see how is your life is going on.. :) Wishing the BEST of everything for you all and i hope you’ll all have a wonderful weekend!

Kommentare 16

  • Ilidio Fernandes 29. Mai 2008, 12:47

    Wonderful capture, great to have you back.
  • BRYAN CRUTE 28. Mai 2008, 17:46

    Even snails have love in thier lives :-))
    Great picture still smiling

  • Inez Correia Marques 28. Mai 2008, 11:58

    so sorry i have not much time on the net,, but you make me smile as i open your page,.. snail love is good. they have all the time in the world
  • CsomorLászló 28. Mai 2008, 10:54

    oh, l'amour!!!
  • Dragos Dumitrescu 26. Mai 2008, 16:22

  • Mr. Saguari 25. Mai 2008, 13:02

    very nice :-)
    Sagi :-)
  • Andrea Sagawe 24. Mai 2008, 13:10

    Very good close-up shot of those lovers.

  • Pascal Viyer 24. Mai 2008, 10:23

  • mlle Sol 23. Mai 2008, 19:44

    =))) it's the spring time again...
  • Vladan Doslic 23. Mai 2008, 18:24

    Perfect shot..compliments !
    Have a great weekend too
    Greetings V
  • Cees Kuijs 23. Mai 2008, 17:30

    I`ve missed you too, Kedi. Good to see you back.
    Good in focus those snails. Excellent details.
    Greetings, Cees
  • Anca Silvia B. 23. Mai 2008, 14:51

    Nice to see you again.
    Lovely pic!
  • archiek 23. Mai 2008, 14:37

    Great photo Kedi! Life is often busy. Glad to have you active again. -archie
  • JVision 23. Mai 2008, 14:33

    Welcome back dear Kedi :-)
    Great capture of the couple !!
  • Andrej Nagode 23. Mai 2008, 14:18

    Lovely picture!
  • Mark Billiau. 23. Mai 2008, 13:36

    Hi Kedi,
    Good capture of those 2 snails in a unusual posture.
    Beautiful colours and good sharpness.
    Well done.