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Smith & Wesson 02

Smith & Wesson 02

1.040 7

Erik Feingold

World Mitglied, München

Smith & Wesson 02

Canon 30D mit Sigma 105/2.8
2 x EX550 Speedlights

Kommentare 7

  • Marcel K. 10. Januar 2008, 0:09

    wonderful light and angle..nice work

  • Erik Feingold 5. November 2003, 0:15

    @ Marcus:
    a. I'm afraid you might have a good point: Technically, this photo is definitely not my best work and the background is a little too dominant (f=2.8 but its not enough here).
    b. As for your answer to Alexis: Every year, more people are killed in car accidents in Germany than from guns in the United States. Every year, more people die from smoking related diseases in Europe than from guns in the United States. (Source: FTA 2002). So I guess, if you really want to know the difference between the three, you need to look at the hard facts.
  • Stefan Fürderer 4. November 2002, 21:23

    Na na na, wer wird denn solche Munition verwenden. Die S&W selber gibt vielleicht noch mehr her, ist doch ein klasse Motiv. Ich würd sie in S/W fotografieren, dann passt der Name sogar... *g*

    Gruss Stefan
  • Alexis Iglauer 10. März 2002, 22:20

    Great picture - the lines, the reflections, the textures and the composition are fantastic.

    From the (remaining) comments there seems to have been a bit of discussion here. Why is there always an outcry when someone posts a picture of a gun? There is no such outcry about pictures of cigarettes, motorcycles, cars or stepladders, which are probably responsible for more deaths annually than guns are?
  • Erik Feingold 22. Februar 2002, 21:30

    Get over it.
  • Erik Feingold 19. Februar 2002, 11:12

    Jos Mariën, 28.1.2002 um 16:14 Uhr
    Nur eine frage warum diese bilder und warum holow pointe bullets? Gruse Jos
  • Günter Peschel 8. Februar 2002, 22:18

    Hi Eric ...
    ... what a picture, I´m angry now.
    Greetings from Nuremberg