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Wilhelm P. (Pit) Vins

Free Mitglied, Karnes City, TX

Skeleton in the Barn

Model: NIKON D70s
Date/time: 05.08.2010 12:57:36
Exposure time: 1/25 s
F-number: 5
Focal length: 31 mm
Lens: Sigma 18-200mm F3,5-6,3 DC
Location: our old barn, Karnes City, Texas
Focal length in 35mm film: 46 mm
Miscellaneous: When I – for the first time in many years – today entered our old barn [http://pitspersoenlichesblog.wordpress.com/2010/08/05/unsere-alte-scheune/] that is about to fall down by itself and needs to be torn down, I found this skeleton there. Btw, it had made its presence know for quite a while by its smell! I don't really know what it is or was, rather, as it it way too big for a skunk and has too long legs, to my mind, for a raccoon, both of which came to my mind at first, as our dogs sometimes chase them. But as I said, this here seems to be too big. Maybe it was a coyote? But how did it die then? A snake? I can't imagine that our dogs would have done that.

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