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Lara Capparotto

Free Mitglied, Slovenska Bistrica


Mine work for the www.visualcommunicatins.it agency

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  • Lara Capparotto 28. Juli 2006, 20:43

    Thenk you very much Antje, for your explanation. I really do not understand a word of german, and that's why those things - putting images in wrong sections - happens. :):):):):):):)

    Yes, I know, there is a choise to publish on italian or english fotocommunity web, but I've seen, those two sections are so poor in relation with the german one, so I choose the german, wenting out of my mind trying to understand how to publish, or anything else - because it is, of course, written everything in german :):):):):):).

  • Antje V. 28. Juli 2006, 18:56

    Hi Lara,
    what Monka -beeing sarcastic- exactly meant was that you've probably chosen the wrong section for your pic. :-)
    Anyway, it's a nice job you've done there !
    I'm working (experience) in an advertising-agency at the moment, and I know that it looks a lot easier than it is.
    Kind regards
  • Lara Capparotto 28. Juli 2006, 11:03

    Hi, Monka. Someone has translaten me your deutche. I really do not understand a word. But it was translated - like you were asking if this is all job made of one hand. Let's see. The calendar on the top was my idea, and it was made with filtering in photoshop. Behind it there is a newspaper I made a copertine (sometimes - the one in the picture is not mine). Behind of all, a brochure whitch I made for IMSA in 2006. I hope I answer your question. Have a nice day

  • Monka Schüll 2. Juni 2005, 11:13

    Ich seh keine einzige Hand.
    Brauch ich ne Brille?