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Santiago colliery; Asturias - Northern Spain

Santiago colliery; Asturias - Northern Spain

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  • Ruben Alvarez 13. November 2007, 8:50


    There are another 3 headhears like this one in Asturias. It was put in place at the mid 80s.This one is still in service.
    This colliery started at the early 20th century. It was owned by the largest ocean liner company in Spain at the time. The coal fed the mail steamers ship's boilers traveling to the spanish colonies in South America.
    Nowadays is the only one remaining in service at this valley named by Aller. There are only 8 collieries remaining in service in Asturias; northern Spain. Next year they will be 7.
    The steam engine at the front is an american built one.

  • fotoralf.be 12. November 2007, 20:48

    Interesting headgear. And quite large in comparison to most of what I've seen in and from Spain. Is this site still active?

  • Bert Nealy 12. November 2007, 19:24

    Schönes Bild u. tolle Schärfe

    Grüße Bert