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Red wings of that butterfly

Red wings of that butterfly

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Simon Gangl

Pro Mitglied, Maribor

Red wings of that butterfly

Red wings of that butterfly

It happened on an autumn night,
I was leaning on my lonely chair,
missing a person that never was there,
just a bulb was flickering cold light.

Thinking about that lamentable answer,
my eyes sought a sign of hope on the wall,
but instead, they just saw a shadow fall.
A butterfly, circling the bulb like a dancer.

That erratic shadow first seemed like a threat,
but soon I was overwhelmed by its beauty,
trying to take a photograph felt like a duty,
I couldn't resist, not to those wings of pure red.

I felt its beauty and desire inside myself,
circling the bulb, it was suddenly caught inside,
everywhere heat and light; butterfly, nowhere to hide!
After burning in pain, it just dropped to a shelf.

Red wings of that butterfly; my heart fell just as infinitely deep.
I went to bed, within me a grievous pain,
asking myself, is not our life just as in vain?
Resignation and sadness guided me to uneasy sleep.

I woke up broken to an ugly and cloudy day.
Never could I believe seeing the butterfly at the window,
spellbound by unearthly magic, I open the window to let it go,
and on red wings of triumph and glory, it easily flies away.

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