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Bettina Hackelsperger

Free Mitglied, Kelheim

Red Fall

The woodbine that climbs the trunk of the old oaks has begun to change color. Bright red leaves drop to the ground and join the yellow ones that already have fallen. The cypress has pushed new knees through the surface near the pond, and sand plums are falling from skinny little trees near the barn. Only a few signs that summer is coming to an end, but very definite signs. Owls call in late evening and hawks spread their tremendous wings and fly late into the evening, circling and circling hoping their sharp eyes will spot food on the ground. Soon cool breezes will bear down on us and we will be glad for a sweater on late evening walks. Time passes so quickly and all the things we love about fall will be here.

The biggest job of all is finding enough time to really enjoy everything before it all changes again.

(~ Native American Spirituality & Thoughts)

Wer mag: Blueneck. Seven.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0TgD-hhBTc

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