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Portuguese Navigators, Heroes of the sea

Portuguese Navigators, Heroes of the sea

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Paulo Barreiras

Free Mitglied, Lisboa

Portuguese Navigators, Heroes of the sea

"Arms are my theme, and those matchless heroes
Who from Portugal's far western shores
By oceans where none had ventured
Voyaged to Taprobana and beyond,
Such as drew on more than human prowess
Among far distant peoples, to proclaim
A New Age and win undying fame;

Kings likewise of glorious memory
Who magnified Christ and Empire,
Bringing ruin on the degenerate
Lands of Africa and Asia;
And others whose immortal deeds
Have conquered death's oblivion
- There words will go wherever there are men
If art and invention steer my pen."

By "Luís Vaz de Camões" in "The Lusiads"

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