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Soledad Aitken

Free Mitglied, Santiago

Pair of parrots.

These parrots are original of Argentina. Some years ago, some pairs were introduced (of informal way) and... they are in many sectors of the city (Santiago). These, (that are part of a group of 12)... feed with the fruits of an almond tree and plum trees of my house. :-(

Kommentare 2

  • Cristina Iampaglia 26. Dezember 2006, 15:40

    Por fin pude ver a los loritos ! A si que ahora a los gatitos se suman los amigos Loros ! .. que entretenido .
    Muchos saludos
  • Marco Lebl 21. Dezember 2006, 2:38

    Hi Soledad, nice snapshot. Unfortunately in Germany we don't have parrots in great outdoor. Just doves all over... ;)

    Greetings, Marco

    P.S: For the shooting of the parrot-picture below I needed approximately two packs of earplugs (Picture title means: loud & silent)
    Laut & Leise
    Laut & Leise
    Marco Lebl