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our hinterhof our garden our tree (Dichterviertel Wuppertal Hammerstein)

our hinterhof our garden our tree (Dichterviertel Wuppertal Hammerstein)

Frederick Mann

Pro Mitglied, Wuppertal-Arrenberg

our hinterhof our garden our tree (Dichterviertel Wuppertal Hammerstein)

that tree... a weeping willow... is HUGE and very very old...

Kommentare 15

  • Ida-Lena 16. Mai 2008, 7:36

    klasse weide !
    LG Ida :)
  • Karlchen H 13. Mai 2008, 19:34

    Da wünsche ich Euch auch eine gute Zeit..
  • Frederick Mann 10. Mai 2008, 17:33

    @Claire Laira... well yes I had the problem how to capture the whole tree ...as it's enormous ... so then the 18mm was the only solution... yes I have such a big tree in my little (tiny) garden

    @Gundrun Raatschen ... yes a bird family with youth occupy the tree now ... one has to be careful where one walks under the tree

  • redfox-dream-art-photography 10. Mai 2008, 0:33

    I like it a lot!
  • Gudrun Raatschen 9. Mai 2008, 22:05

    I bet the birds love that tree. Happy holidays!
    LG Gudrun
  • Bärbel7 9. Mai 2008, 15:52

    Eine gelungene Stadtansicht Gruß Bärbel
  • Anni R. 9. Mai 2008, 13:18

    dann gute fahrt :-)))
  • Inez Correia Marques 9. Mai 2008, 12:56

  • Claire Laira 9. Mai 2008, 12:09

    A unique perspective...unusual and very good!
    Have a great time!
  • Frederick Mann 9. Mai 2008, 10:26

    @Sigrid Fuchs .. I love working with 18mm ... it is sometimes a relief that the environment gets a tic rounded... after all.. the earth (and our front garden) is NOT flat....
    oh my yes... springtime too has reached the garden in front of our Wohnung
    oh my yes... springtime too has reached the garden in front of our Wohnung
    Frederick Mann
    ... I have never thought that pictures should necessarily be a true reproduction of that the eye sees ...

    @Sumsel ... the Wiede has a bird family to look after .. most likely won't miss us for a couple of days...

    @Yvonne Steigi ... I do have a series of Anhänger and Container pictures .. partially from the hinterhof ...

    @roswitha wesiak ... well all I know.. is that 'chicken little' knocked on our window the other day.. saying: 'the sky is falling' but hopped away to the neighors the moment he saw my fisheye

    @andrea-johanna ... yes... I loved that effect ... one of these days.. when back from NL ... I'll bring my 18mm to Arrenberg

    @Sue Thompson ... yes it's our little garden with one BIG tree ... which is much older that I am...

  • andrea-johanna 9. Mai 2008, 9:14

    klasse wie das bild ansich den baum einrahmt :0)
  • Stefan Hillgruber 9. Mai 2008, 8:30

    Na dann, wünsch gute Fahrt und schöne Pfingsten.
  • roswitha wesiak 9. Mai 2008, 8:20

    bist du ein dichter, dem das dach auf den kopf fällt? *gg* lg rosi
  • Yvonne Steiger 9. Mai 2008, 8:05

    das Haus, der Umzugsanhänger, die Weide, die Schräge...how do I love this ..
    bon voyage
  • Adrena Lin 9. Mai 2008, 7:35

    Ich wünsche Euch eine schöne Fahrt bei schönstem Wetter.....
    Lieben Gruß