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Canan Oner

World Mitglied, Istanbul

Kommentare 38

  • Lisi K. 26. April 2009, 20:07

    It´s so wunderful!!!
    It´s my favorite!!!

    LG Lisi
  • Adele Oliver 15. November 2008, 0:45

    Love your editing here - beautiful.
    Hugs, Adele
  • digilike 12. November 2008, 19:10

    Amazing colors! Very nice picture. I like the abstract character very much!
  • Ahad dallal alipoor 28. Oktober 2008, 7:44

    Very good
    Beautiful very much+++
  • Alfred Spectrum 26. Oktober 2008, 16:51

  • CAurelia 24. Oktober 2008, 22:37

    LG CAurelia
  • Gert van der Flier 23. Oktober 2008, 17:06

  • Kostas.. 23. Oktober 2008, 10:36

    Wow!! Great work Beautiful colors
    Best regards
  • Dennis Maloney 20. Oktober 2008, 17:51

    Yes, they do fly away to seed a new place where we will someday visit and see them blooming in glory again.....try not to scorn fate for the lose of their beauty in your world..... but, rejoyce for their flight and freedom from this place and the joy and love they will bring to where they are going.....let the teardrops wash the sadness from your eyes and let the sunlight once agin warm your heart....love ya, den
  • Pascal Viyer 19. Oktober 2008, 17:22

  • Alberto Angelici 18. Oktober 2008, 18:03

    Yes, I wish I would me too, Dear Canan! :-)
    A splendid, fascinating imagine and a beautifull postwork with a philosophical title
  • Comy 17. Oktober 2008, 23:10

  • Cristina Ioana S. 17. Oktober 2008, 18:28

    This is really very very nice! Great colors and sharpness! And love that song from your link (Return to the Innocence), and also i love the video ;)
    Hugs, Cristina
    P.S. What are that thin white lines in the back? And what exposure time and f/stop did you use? Thank you :*
  • Pozer Katalin 17. Oktober 2008, 16:07

    Marvellous edition, Canan as well as the video clip you choose. Thanks for the buzz.
    Hugs, katalin
  • Día Ynoche 17. Oktober 2008, 14:54

    l o v e l y............
    waiting for the next springtime and summer to come....
    thanks for sharint photo and u-tube..
  • Saska S. 17. Oktober 2008, 13:25

    Great macro and amaizing presentation. Perfect image!
    Regards, S.
  • Lara G. 17. Oktober 2008, 12:54

    Ooooooohhhh I just LOVE IT! Details, colours, composition, fine lines in the background, everything is PERFECT!
    Best regards,
  • DRAGA PUC 17. Oktober 2008, 11:37

    stunning beauty!
  • J e n n i f e r E. 17. Oktober 2008, 10:31

    this is just amazing!
  • Deryck 16. Oktober 2008, 22:17

    Very good photo and excellent editing with the colours
  • JOKIST 16. Oktober 2008, 21:29

    Great idea - very fine work !!
    LG Ingrid und Hans
  • Fons van Swaal 16. Oktober 2008, 20:27

    Beautiful shot of this Dandelion Canan,
    Very Nice tittle .."One by one they fly out to set new life "
    Superb editing again and last but not least...'great music'
    Enigma one of my favourites.....!!!
    Greetings and have a nice evening...
  • Lawson McCulloch 16. Oktober 2008, 20:03

    A superb piece of work Canan.
    best wishes from Lawson.
  • BRYAN CRUTE 16. Oktober 2008, 20:01

    Love me , love me not flower :-)
    Great image, beautiful lighting to it

  • Annick 16. Oktober 2008, 19:46

    Une pure merveille, des détails très fins, magnifique macro.



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