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Old bridge

Old bridge over the River IJssel by the Dutch city Zwolle.
Pentax MeSuper with 400 mm lens.

Kommentare 7

  • Herr Bucki 26. März 2004, 15:40

    Hi Harry,

    if you compress with jpg, you get alway a loss of quality. you can see it usually at fine details & strong contrasts - your picture has both.
    if the quality is the same as with 130K (and that's possible because you have big homogeneously areas) a small file size is nice for people with an analog modem like me ;)
    but usually a bigger file size results in (noticeably) better quality.

    regards, matthew
  • Harry van der Veen 24. März 2004, 21:36

    To Roland and Matthias,

    What's the problem with only 54 kb? I made that myself. You don't need to have a bigger file to see the picture on your screen in a good quality. I don't understand the problem, please explain me.

    To everybody,

    Thanks for your compliments.
    Regards, Harry
  • Herr Bucki 24. März 2004, 8:23

    Hello Harry,

    Roland wrote it - only 54K's, maybe the FC automatic compression hit you :\
    nevertheless, a great picture, i like the colours, the geometric lines of the bridge and - the bicyclist, of couse!

    very well done :)

  • David Elias Dücker 24. März 2004, 1:45

    gruss, ela
  • Andrea Harder 23. März 2004, 22:31

    Einfach nur gut!
    Gruss, Andrea
  • th80 23. März 2004, 21:51

    tolle Aufnahme, schöner Bildausschnitt!!!
    LG Torsten
  • Roland G. 23. März 2004, 21:33

    timelees good

    but the jpg Quality is only 54kb :(