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Oh Nurse, Please Don’t Smile With That Syringe In Your Hand!!!

Oh Nurse, Please Don’t Smile With That Syringe In Your Hand!!!

John Moore

Free Mitglied, Karratha

Oh Nurse, Please Don’t Smile With That Syringe In Your Hand!!!

Oh Nurse, Please Don’t Smile With That Syringe In Your Hand!!
Please tell me that the needle is meant for another patient and not for my tender posterior??
Are you 100% sure the doctor said it was for me??
I do not have any problem coughing anymore, since I saw the doctor, I promise you!
In fact, since I saw you with that needle, I feel on top of the world.
Are you positive you can’t just drop the whole syringe in the bin?
Ok dear if you have to give it to me, I will come up with a deal for you!!
If you are ever so gentle giving it to me, I promise to take you out dinning tonight, is that a deal??
No I cannot give you a time till you have done it, for you may not be gentle with me.
Do I have to pull my trousers down, cant you give it in my arm?
OK, OK now I will just relax as you say.
What, are you sure you gave it to me already??
Then I will fetch you at 7pm tonight, thanks for being so super gentle dear.
We sure respect Nurses when it comes to our family or our health.
So I would like to dedicate this to the Nurses of the world, we know the important role you play in our daily health
Bless each and every one of you!!
I did get to take Nurse Off out that night, I asked where she would like to dine, the answer was the Pizza Company.
We laughed all night, she thought I was truly afraid of the needle, but I have never feared them.
The Thai’s have developed a taste for the humble Pizza and most of the ladies I take dinning request Pizza’s.
My friend Peter from Australia is coming to visit me soon, I will in fact have many visitors visiting in the next month, I plan to take them all over to Laos for a while.
This evening, I plan to have a few stiff Johnnie Walker Blacks.
I have not had a drink for ages.
The duty free on the Laos side of the Friendship Bridge is pretty good and I usually stock up when crossing.
Well I hope that you are all well and happy, wherever you maybe?
Bless you all!!!

Walkabout John, Udon- Thani. Thailand.

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