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Was ist neu?
oh my yes... springtime too has reached the garden in front of our Wohnung

oh my yes... springtime too has reached the garden in front of our Wohnung

Frederick Mann

Pro Mitglied, Wuppertal-Arrenberg

oh my yes... springtime too has reached the garden in front of our Wohnung

from the back of wohnung (view from Wintergaren) at an earlier date

Kommentare 24

  • Ida-Lena 16. Mai 2008, 7:18

    klasse ! der frühling aus dem fenster zu geniessen
    schicke pflanzen und spiegelungen die sich ausgezeichnet in autosscheiben formatiert haben :)
    LG Ida :)
  • Frederick Mann 9. Mai 2008, 10:41

    @Madmill Glatre ... very well seen ... Wuppertal indeed is very hilly .. from where we live.. we go down towards the Schwebebahn.. the hanging train on the Tal ebene.

    @Udo Ludo and Yvonne Steigi ... yes it's like you describe.. so is how I saw the front garden ... (not out of the perspective of a Gartenzwerg ... after all I'm 190cm)

  • redfox-dream-art-photography 9. Mai 2008, 4:38

    Very nice!
  • Yvonne Steiger 8. Mai 2008, 20:58

    even the cars are blooming what a Zauber!
    bon voyage
  • Udo Ludo 8. Mai 2008, 18:51

    Die Auto-Blüten mit ihren Spiegel-Blüten scheinen da wie mit dem Pinsel hingestrichen.
    Gruß Udo
  • Pee. 8. Mai 2008, 18:41

    wer macht den die gartenarbeit? kein unkraut zu sehen?
    aber schön.....
  • Gudrun Raatschen 8. Mai 2008, 18:01

    Hellebores and bluebells! In your garden everything seems to be in bloom at the same time. Even the cars are growing ... :-)
    LG Gudrun
  • Renate Wagner 8. Mai 2008, 14:13

    jo, der frühling ist einfach ÜBERALL!!!
    zum glück auch in deinem garten, klasse dein blickwinkel!
    lg, renate
  • Claudio Micheli 8. Mai 2008, 12:20

    Colore, tanto e gradevole!
  • Claudia Jenniges 8. Mai 2008, 11:58

    I like your queer arrangements,

    normaly this don´t works
    or don´ t attract interests :)
  • Frederick Mann 8. Mai 2008, 11:25

    @Adrena Lin ... I almost said .. seen though the eyes of a Gartenzwerg ... but we don't have any (heaven forbid)

    @Trudemarie Kemmlage ... well this is in Hammerstein .. the Dichterviertel Wuppertal
    ... so I suspect it would be colorful

    @Wolf Maier ... I bet you are taking alot of speed landscape picture from out of the moving train ... (I'm sure it's faster than the Schwebebahn)

    @fotoS. well we all know intellectually that the planet we live is is spherical .. you see.. my foto proves it (visually)...

    @Michael aus Remscheid ... maybe this hasn't occured to you Michael.. but Wuppertal has many beautiful areas ... (but I know... Remscheider don't ever come to Wuppertal ... LOL)

    @Claire Laira ... I'm sure to some beings (even invisible ones) cars appear toylike ... they are toys aren't they ... some say little boy toys... LOL
    shhhhhhh... (I don't have a drivers licence)

    @Dr. Füchtegott Müller ... alias Hauswart Dr. Müller ... I'm sure one could get an impression what it would look like to see the world through Fishaugen... after a several pints of Guiness

    @andrea-johanna ... it's just as bunt in Arrenberg

    @Jutta Melchers... to tip toe thru the tulips to the sound of blue bells...

    @Claudia Jenniges ... well... that's what it looked like to me.. (taking a wide view of the immediate world)

    my wife laughed too
  • Claudia Jenniges 8. Mai 2008, 11:23

    Where is the fense?

    I have to laugh about your
    flower - car - power arrangement :)

    I like this mix.

    LG Claudia
  • Alexej3 8. Mai 2008, 10:27

    alles bunt)) entlich weg von grauen Farben))
  • Volker Kullik 8. Mai 2008, 10:24