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Albrecht Klöckner

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zum Thema Urbane Einsamkeit

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  • Serge Côté 4. April 2011, 20:20

    @Albrecht: Nice cams for they small format ! These cameras could also be used to make HD 3D movies too ...

    Look at this 3D cross-eyes movie I made using my two digital compact cameras. I used Stereo Movie Maker to synchronize the frame. So, it's not important if you press one of the two cameras button too soon (or too late). you can make one of the frame to be one step or more after or before.


    Funny ! isn't it ?

    This video is about people visiting the entrance area of the Montreal Botanic Garden.

    Or this one I took at the Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal last year.


  • Albrecht Klöckner 30. März 2011, 19:33

    O Michael, das hat so richtig gut getan!
    Lachen ist wirklich eine fantastische Medizin!
    LG Albrecht
  • Schmidt Wolfgang FW 30. März 2011, 16:18

    Eine toll fotografisch eingefangene Alltags-Situation und ein sehr passender Bildtitel. Alles guckt gelangweilt in die Runde..... hoffentlich sind wir bald da.
    -aber was solln die Leute auch sonst tun ? Sich ganz doll angaffen schickt sich ja auch nicht recht - also abwarten bis man aussteigen kann.
    LG Wolfgang
  • Albrecht Klöckner 30. März 2011, 13:45

    Right, Serge, a couple of these here:
    might well do even better, one per shirt breast pocket ...maybe...
    kind regs
    PS: best resolution takes you nowhere in case you cannot, for whatever reason, USE your cam(s)
  • Serge Côté 30. März 2011, 13:06

    @Albrecht: Image now, using two i-phone cameras to take this stereo !!! It would not be more conspicuous at all :-))))

  • Albrecht Klöckner 30. März 2011, 11:32

    Thanks,Serge! I was just darn lucky taking this 3D six years ago in the Berlin U-Bahn - and quick enough to pull, press and tuck away before any body noticed my action.
    A Fuji W3 would have been far less conspicuous but I´m still happy with my vest pocket snorkabel "Cross Country Camarads"
    Greets Albrecht
  • Serge Côté 30. März 2011, 11:24

    Damn fantastic picture by the way people didn't react to your two cameras system or at least for a camera itself ! It looks if they were all models for this picture.

    Greets, Serge