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Carina Bucu

Free Mitglied, Tokyo


Nanay - how we call the Filipina mother, grandmother, great grandmother. She never really looks that old, never looks her age. Despite being a widow, the kids being all grown up, the distance from her first and only grandchild, the empty seat with pink cushions where her loved ones used to keep her company, she remains beautiful, calm, serene, kind and loving...

no flash. natural light from window.

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  • Carina Bucu 10. Mai 2007, 12:34

    @ Jenny
    Thank you for your wonderful comment. Btw, the story is true and the woman is the mother of a good friend who is now based in UK.
  • Jenny Block 10. Mai 2007, 8:21

    Wow, this is a very captivating picture! I got a goose flesh when reading the details about this woman, it is impressing. Thank you for this! :)
  • Carina Bucu 2. Januar 2007, 9:55

    @ Dietmar
    Your words are too kind :-)) but thank you.

    @ Everyone
    Am happy u somehow like my simple photographs... even though my camera is rather primitive.
    Happy New Year to all and thanks for giving inspiration to take better pictures.

    Warmest regards,
  • The Desert Scorpion 30. Dezember 2006, 16:50

    Excellent! Story and picture !!!

    Best regards & Happy New Year
  • Mircea Tiron-Tudor 30. Dezember 2006, 12:26

    Good shot and light !
    Happy New Year, Cari !
  • Theo Weijmer 23. Dezember 2006, 17:01

    Great impression and as alway you made a fine story about the picture.
    Greetings Theo
  • Thomas Wallmeyer 22. Dezember 2006, 12:20

    Very Nice.
    Greetings Thomas
  • Sir Walter 22. Dezember 2006, 9:45

    Very nice!
    Best regards


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