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Martin John

Pro Mitglied, Hamburch


Geburt, Kindergarten, Schule,
Party, Petting, Bundeswehr,
Party, Sex, Ausbildung, Party (aber nicht mehr so oft),
Job, Sex, Job, Heirat, Job, Kinder, Sex (selten), Job,
Kündigung, anderer Job, warten auf Rente, Rente, Tod.

Kommentare 28

  • Kleiner Knipsfrosch 4. November 2006, 8:57

    Life is short. Das stimmt. Aber ich muss zugeben, ich leb auch nicht so anders. Obwohl, ich hab schon ein paar Sachen gemacht, die andere nicht so machen. Nur das macht gar nicht den Unterschied. Es kommt mehr auf das eigene Gefühl an. Zu wissen es ist ok so und ich würde hinterher nicht alles ganz anders machen. Aber das Gefühl der Sehnsucht ist ja manchmal auch da. :-) Hast ja viele Kommentare zu dem Bild bekommen. Ist ja auch ein interessantes Thema. Gefällt mir. Gut umgesetzt.

  • Arnold Walter 9. Dezember 2005, 14:22

    genau meins
    sehr schön
    mach auch solche fotos
  • Robert Aichinger 3. August 2005, 17:05

    Klasse gesehen, festgehalten und beschrieben.
    Thats's life........... somehow :)
  • Michael Hilti 29. Juli 2005, 10:27

  • Mike Peuker 29. April 2005, 12:51

    sehr gut
  • Gespür für Licht 17. Januar 2005, 11:52

    "Um ein gutes Mitglied einer Schafherde zu sein, muss man zu allererst ein Schaf sein." --- Albert Einstein
  • Fakt Ab 12. März 2004, 11:37

    Ja, das ist gut.
  • Chris Meier 7. Januar 2004, 14:05

    dank Siegfried Vogel hab ich dieses Werk gefunden.

    ist genial

  • Siegfried Vogel 29. Oktober 2003, 20:01

    Hey Martin,
    das hier traf so genau ins Schwarze - ich hab's in meinem Profil verlinkt. Geht das für Dich i.O.? Hope so...
    LG SV :-)
  • Otto Grün 25. Oktober 2003, 22:08

    seh das anders !
    Geburt - Kindergarten- Schule - Arbeit - Rente
    da bin ich jetzt und entwickle mich wieder zurück !
    Bin schon weit,werd grad zum Säugling !
    Denn wenn du alles hinter dir hast
    lebst gänzlich ungeniert !!!
    soto !
  • Marc Schlueter 13. Mai 2003, 9:57

  • Jo Weiß 30. April 2003, 22:19

    mÄÄÄÄÄÄ ###***~~~~#####°°°

    the beer i had for breakfast was a bottle of mad dog
    and my 20/20 vision was fifty percent off
    you said punch-buggy red and punched me right in my left eye
    i said don't you mean pediddle? and i lit his house on fire
    he came home on acid i was holding his shotgun
    i was dressed like tina turner in beyond thunder dome
    he said don't shoot, i said i won't i love you you're my friend
    i handed him my wig and shot myself in the head
    then i stuffed a box of tissues in the hole in my skull
    i got in my mazda and i drove to the mall
    i got a big johnson shirt and some silicone tits
    when i pulled out the tissues they were covered with shit
    and the beer i had for breakfast was a box of cheap white wine
    and the boom box on my shoulder was a box of clementines
    i ate every single one without noticing the mold
    you said you're gross my darling, i said no i'm rock and roll
    even though i'd never ever been in a band
    i got cool as black ice tattooed on my hand
    and the christians gave me comic books as if i would be scared
    of burning in hell well i was already there
    and the beer i had for breakfast silver bullet in the brain
    and the beer i had for lunch was a bottle of night train
    and the beer i had for dinner was my crazy neighbor's pills
    we had to sit down on skateboards jut to make it down the hill
    then i peed my pants and you stole the groom's cigar
    and some old man made me watch him masturbate locked in his car
    when i got back to the apartment you were face down on the floor
    you said don't go to bed yet let's go get a 64
    and the beer i had had for breakfast was a pint of jim beam
    and a fifth of peach schnapps and some warm sunny d
    and you said bottoms up just as i bottomed out
    i tried to scream fuck you but blood was pouring out my mouth
    evan dando never planned on telling you the truth
    and your leonardo i.d. card is your fountain of youth
    you can be a teenager for your whole fucking life
    just find some pretty sucker and make that bitch your wife
    i guess by now you all know my friends danny broke his neck
    he was driving home from sirens when he got into a wreck
    first i cried for him and then i cried for me
    haunted by the ghost of the girl i used to be
    but the rocks with holes are warm in my hands
    and i buried my toes in the hot hot sand
    and the silver pink pony kisses me and says
    you've come a long, long way and you deserve to be really happy

    ~jo~~ woll

  • Ina Hesmer 30. April 2003, 13:57

    Hi Mart

    Heute wieder ein ganz lebensfroher Tag, hm? Gut umgesetzt aber.
    Und: CD hören, dummer Sack!

    gruesse, Ina
  • Martin John 30. April 2003, 12:22

    Die "Bollock Brothers"!
    Waren das nicht die mit "Harley David - son of a bitch"?
    Harhar. Großartig. Danke.
  • Martin John 30. April 2003, 11:46

    ich hab' auch noch einen:

    Whenever life gets you down…
    Keeps you wearing a frown…
    And the gravy train has left you behind
    And when you’re all out of hope…
    Down at the end of your rope…
    And nobody is there to thrown you a line
    If you ever get so low
    That you don’t know which way to go,
    Come on and take a walk in my shoes
    Never worry about a thing
    Got the world on a string
    ‘Cause I got the cure for all of my blues…
    (All of his blues…)

    I take a look at my enormous penis
    And my troubles start melting away
    I take a look at my enormous penis
    And the happy times are coming to stay
    I gotta sing and I dance
    When I glance in my pants
    And the feelings like a sunshiny day…
    I take a look at my enormous penis
    And everything is going my way


    I take a look at my enormous penis
    And my troubles start a melting away

    Yeah I got great big amounts
    In the place where it counts
    And the feelings like a sunshiny day
    I take a look at my enormous penis
    And everything is going my way
    And everything is going my way
    Oh Yeah…

    Da Vinci's Notebook


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