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Gone again she said
Heading for the longest road
One too many times
He has beaten you down to the bone
So you sail away into the unknown
Stay away, he said
Don't ever come back home
She cries away her days that last so long
All alone...stay away
Stay away

Weakened from the pain
That he left inside her heart
Fallen in the rain
Her whole life has fallen apart

Alone she cries
Filled with hate inside
No love, no life
Without that loser who once said:
Here's your kiss goodbye

See this is real, she doesn't feel
Lonely hearts, shattered dreams
There's nothing better in this place
Nothing but memories
In your mind

Sail away into the unknown
Stay away he said, don't ever come back home
Cry away the days that last so long
All alone
Stay away

Rufio: She Cries

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