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P. Nicole

Free Mitglied

leftovers of the wreck of the "Peter Iredale"

The 3 a.m. hour of October 25, 1906 was dark, windy and cold. The 275 foot long Liverpool sailing ship was struggling toward the mouth of the Columbia River on its way to Portland, Oregon. But its 25 crew and 2 stowaways weren't destined to make it there. Heavy mists obscurred the beacons of the light houses and the Columbia River light ship. Soon the fated ship ran aground, and soon it broke off its top spars. Then heavy rain squalls and a fresh westerly gale pushed it ashore, where it lies to this day, now a playground of Oregon beachcombers and children. Luckily, it is not a gloomy ship of ghosts and terror---everyone was rescued by a life-saving crew from Hammond, and later congenially housed by the men at nearby Ft. Stevens. The maritime inquiry absolved the captain (master) and his mates of any wrong action in the loss of the ship

Kommentare 2

  • Wayne Tsipouras 11. Juni 2007, 2:11

    Like footprints in the sand, signs of our passage will in time fade.
    So who then will remember our story?
    The hopes and dreams of those who passed before.

    Splendid image, a favourite.

  • Guido Perl 4. Juni 2007, 23:19

    Na das hier hat aber einen ähnlich faszinierenden Charakter ;-)


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