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Langreo; Asturias-Northern Spain

Langreo; Asturias-Northern Spain

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R Alvarez

Free Mitglied, Asturias

Langreo; Asturias-Northern Spain

October 2007
Former ammonia plant at the background.

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  • R Alvarez 5. November 2007, 19:42

    This area is going to change, the ruins are there from 1996 when the plant was decommisioned. The town is growing up towards this place, there are plans to turn it into a residencial area, but first they have to decontanimate the ground. The buildings you see are registered at the Docomomo, (Documentation and Conservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the Modern Movement) records for its conservation. This plant was beautiful, with its streets and gardens.
    Your critique is always welcome. I learnt a lot with your pictures. I found interesting the black fence because it comes from an scrap of a conveyor belt of a colliery nearby. I do agree with you that the aesthetic of the image would be better without the black belt.

  • Harald Finster 3. November 2007, 11:43

    This is just marvelous!
    Looks a bit like the 'good old Ruhr area' photographs by Hans-Dieter Baroth. Atmosphere very well captured!
    The plant looks beautiful. A bit like the SAFEA ammonium (fertilizer) plant at La Louvière (Belgium), which is unfortunately long gone.
    Critique: maybe, you should have removed the black boundary in the foreground. (Cut the image or get a few steps closer.)
    Greetings Harald