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Miriam Le Jeune

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Kampala: Old Taxi Park

Here we are: Downtown Kampala. Here you can find Taxis going to nearly everywhere in Uganda.
Behind there is the Al-Gaddhafi-Mosque in which can fit like 16 000 moslems.

Pentax K20D - 50mm (75mm) - f/5,6 - 1/640 sec. - Iso 160

Kommentare 5

  • shakeapic 25. August 2010, 21:15

    eine wahnsinnsszene !!!
  • Mirko Tikalsky 1. Juni 2010, 21:03

    I like the picture. those african bus stations are sometimes so 'chaotic' for us outsiders. The one in Kampala was the biggest I have been to yet.
    I really would like to go back once.. for now I have Malawi high on my list.
    Recently I heard there is some trouble in Kampala (burning down the Kasubi tombs). Hopefully these issues are solved and it is peaceful again there...
    LG Mirko
  • Willy Brüchle 9. Mai 2010, 19:27

    Good documentation. Traffic like in Bangkok. MfG, w.b.
  • Miriam Le Jeune 11. April 2010, 7:08

    oh, actually it just looks like if it was a mess -it is very well organized! just, that no european could manage to get one of these taxis out of that taxi park or park at the right place... *smile*
  • Roberto Sias 10. April 2010, 1:13

    It'a mess...