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John Pace

Free Mitglied, Bischberg bei Bamberg

Just a flower

to some people, but to me something special.

The picture is not technically perfect, nor was it meant to be a masterpiece. These flowers, or should I say, their predecessors are a part of my childhood memories. They grow on a small plot of land in the middle of US Bundestaat Missouri at my grandmother's old homestead. In 2005 I dug up some of the tubers, smuggled them back to Germany and gave them a special place in the garden. Yesterday, in the midst of heavy rainfall they open their petals and brought a little sunshine into my life. But that is only part of the story. In May of 1990, I returned to the US to vist my mother one last time before she passed away. On the way I made a special trip to grandmothers old place and picked some of these flowers that she also loved so very much. These flowers were the last ones I ever had a chance to give my mother. So you see, sometimes things as simple flowers can have a special meaning. How true it is, behind every picture there can be a deeper meaning.

I realise that this is primarily a german website, but sometimes it is easier for me to express my feeling in my mother tongue - please forgive me.

Kommentare 2

  • J. FAH 19. Mai 2007, 11:16

    Thanks for sharing this memory with us. I think its great if we can admire simple things and have a story which connects us on a deeper level to them.
    All the best to you and yours
  • N. Claudia 18. Mai 2007, 13:26

    nur wer die sehnsucht kennt weiß was ich leide....
    eine sehr schöne aufnahme..
    einen lieben gruß für dich, claudia