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Jan Mielke

Free Mitglied, Aachen

Jules: "Liest du die Bibel, Brett?"

Ein Bild von der Loveparade 2007.

Mußte an Jules aus Tarantinos "Pulp Fiction" denken.
Das Drehbuch habe ich leider nur in englisch auf der Platte aber die passende Szene liest sich so:

JULES: Then why did you try to fuck 'im like a bitch?!

BRETT: (in spasm) I didn't.

Now in a lower voice.

JULES: Yes ya did Brett. Ya tried ta fuck 'im. You ever read the Bible, Brett?

BRETT (in spasm) Yes.

JULES: There's a passage I got memorized,
seems appropriate for this
situation: Ezekiel 25:17. "The path
of the righteous man is beset on
all sides by the inequities of the
selfish and the tyranny of evil
men. Blessed is he who, in the
name of charity and good will,
shepherds the weak through the
valley of darkness, for he is truly
his brother's keeper and the finder
of lost children. And I will
strike down upon thee with great
vengeance and furious anger those
who attempt to poison and destroy
my brothers. And you will know my
name is the Lord when I lay my
vengeance upon you."

The two men EMPTY their guns at the same time on the sitting Brett.

When they are finished, the bullet-ridden carcass just sits
there for a moment, then TOPPLES over.

All is quiet.

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