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Bettina Hackelsperger

Free Mitglied, Kelheim

In einer kalten Nacht

Once there was a Girl named Gwinna. This is a short part of her tale, true as I heard it in the wind.

A simple woodworker and his wife lived in a cottage on a hill, wanting little except a child of their own. But moon after moon no child came. So the two people striked a bargain with the mystical Mother of the owls. Yes, the Mother of the owls promised them their own dear child, but when she was twelve, they had to give it back to her. And so Gwinna was born. But how could the simple couple gave up their precious girl, who played with the birds and laughed like small bells ringing? As Gwinna grows, they refused even to admit that she had wings. Gwinna only knew that she was lonely. When she saw the faraway mountain and heard the harplike Music whispering in the wind, she was filled with longing. On the day the owls came for her, Gwinna followed fearfully back to the grotto, back to the Mother of the Owls, who shows Gwinna her wings. But could she fly? At least she could..........

.........and moon after moon, summer, fall, winter and spring, Gwinna flew through all the land and many lands beyond. The Owls often flew with her at night, and Tobin was always with her. Gwinna carried her harp wherever she went, to castles and cottages, barns and mansions and huts. She played her harp by the firesides, by sickbeds, cradles and thrones. No song she played was quite like any other, for Gwinna's songs were the wind's song too, and the wind is never the same. In the village, at dusk, there were still a few who went out in the streets to beet upon pots and pans. "Beware!" they cried. "She who flies with the owls is a witch!"
But Gwinna did not go where the doors were closed to her. Many other opened wide, for the people knew the voice of her harp would fill the smallest hut with joy, and ease the deepest sorrow.

In that land, they say that Gwinna comes and goes, even to this day. Though her wings are silent, quiet as the clouds, they say if you sit and wait and listen, you may hear her harp in the light, in the leaves, in the wind...........

........and Tobin was always with her.

Faun, Diese kalte Nacht http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zr8d9sXioj4

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