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Kommentare 16

  • iacob ion 3. April 2011, 13:39

    Superb si plin de frumusetea cea nevazuta de multi,acest colt al vesniciei!
    Toate cele bune,Iacob
    P.S.:Multumesc pentru sustinere!
  • DRAGA PUC 10. Dezember 2010, 15:55

    rich history..
  • redfox-dream-art-photography 25. Oktober 2010, 10:25

    Oh wow.....................
    Is it your room?

    I like it very much!!!!!!!!!

    bw, redfox
  • Domenico Cosenza 14. Oktober 2010, 8:47

    Beautiful shot. Very beautiful cut and colours.Ciao, Domenico
  • Adele Oliver 21. September 2010, 7:23

    An amazing little corner in this shop .... a great capture of these colourful icons and representation of faith!!
    greetings, Adele
  • Vesela Maleeva 9. September 2010, 18:15

    Wonderful collection and mood ,-)
    Greetings, Ves
  • Ralph Bache 4. September 2010, 23:30

    This is art, i like the hand made products from your country. Fine work. BW.
  • Kaith Kakavouli 1. September 2010, 14:06

    ...faith or fanaticism?
  • mike snead 1. September 2010, 9:07

    great warmth and iconic charm.

  • Michael Grotkamp 31. August 2010, 11:48

    a wonderful donation for my
    sense and my eyes in a warm and
    wonderful light. forte.
    lg, michael
  • Christian Knospe 30. August 2010, 9:30

    eine wunderbare sammlung !

    lg chris
  • Anca Silvia B. 29. August 2010, 10:56

    impresionanta colectie!!!!
  • s. sabine krause 29. August 2010, 10:31

    a niche full of faith, trust and belief!! and if you look closely, you will even discover a certain order, or rather "hierarchy", determining the arrangement of icons and other items on the wall: the "lower region" of the room (the vitrine and the dresser) houses the "worldly" stuff – pitchers, vases, a wooden canon (??), and all kinds of pretty but slightly tacky little figurines! the wall is the place for "holy matters" – the holier the higher, it seems, for the most beautiful madonna of all is in the top row, and looking up higher yet, into the sky! greetings, sabine.
  • Ilidio Fernandes 29. August 2010, 0:38

    Ho God , a lot of faith, nice capture.
  • klaus pfeiffer photographie 28. August 2010, 23:25

    Mein Gott!
  • Inez Correia Marques 28. August 2010, 21:50

    Wow Alex.. What a photograph, is it in an antique shop ?
    Really amazing



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