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Holga in Old Chinatown Alley

Holga in Old Chinatown Alley

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Terri Wu

Free Mitglied, San Francisco

Holga in Old Chinatown Alley

Holga 120s camera, Tmax 400, San Francisco Chinatown, CA, USA.

I appreciate ALL comments - good or bad :-)

Kommentare 13

  • Birdies Landscapes 7. August 2003, 5:04

    very nice picture of chinatown.
    we where in chinatown in april this year and we like it.
    very nice memories. thanks.
    greating marco
  • R W. 20. Juli 2003, 15:08

    this is exactly what i like ... great atmoshere, strange looking because of toy camera. you can tell by the thumb that it must be holga ..best regards, r
  • ber ni 19. Juli 2003, 18:09


    bye, berni
  • Connie Engel 18. Juli 2003, 10:31

    Wonderful scenery ... the daylight from straight above fits perfectly ... the old man looks, like he´s heavily burdened by the weight of the light (and of course the bags) ...
    Cheerz´ Connie
  • Manül 18. Juli 2003, 10:29

    nice, verry nice!
    the colors and the great atmosphere...
    a beautiful pic

    gruß manül
  • Torsten Dschi-Point 18. Juli 2003, 10:19

  • Schimaere Zyklothyme 16. Juli 2003, 15:33

    groszartige atmosphaere... die holga ist fuer die klare staedtische architektur wie geschaffen... klasse... :)

    great atmosphere... "holga" seems to be built for these cold urban-architectures... swell... :)

    best regards
  • Marc Hesse 15. Juli 2003, 21:58

    typical scene, i know chinatown in vancouver.
    regards, marc
  • B. Ella 14. Juli 2003, 12:33

    hallo terriWu,
    die stimmung, der geruch, die wärme
    - all das fühlt, riecht, spürt man förmlich.
    schönes photo.
    schöne grüße
  • Dirk Hofmann 13. Juli 2003, 6:26

    ahem ... so ... i hope to see it too ... ;-)))
  • Terri Wu 13. Juli 2003, 4:47

    Thank you for all of your great comments. I also have an Olympus OM2N, which I have just started using. I haven't yet developed any of my own negatives, but am very curious to try.

    @Nana, I love the spontaneity and the random effects of the Holga.

    Danke alles!!
  • Conny Hofmann 12. Juli 2003, 21:23

    I think I´ll see this location soon ;-)))
  • André Knuth 12. Juli 2003, 9:19

    hi there,
    your pictures are a proof of how little technology matters. i read that this camera has a fixed shutter speed of 1/100 and very narrow aperture range. people who run after the wave of technology should take it as an advice ;-))

    i saw all of your pictures but i like this most. nice contrast in light and motive. you have to allow me one question: is this your only camera and do you develop negs on your own as i can imagine there can be many under-/overexposed?

    ciao, andré



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