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Albrecht Klöckner

World Mitglied


Pentax Optio WPi-Gespann, "Daumen-Synchro"

Kommentare 4

  • John Stevensen 2. September 2007, 4:45

    @Albrecht: My oppinion. is that the superimposing of different colours take away neatness in certain areas of stereo pictures.

  • Sascha Becher 1. September 2007, 20:30

    Da packt mich doch der Daumensynchroneid:
    das sieht perfekt aus, sowohl die Wellen im Vordergrund
    als auch das spritzende Wasser. Der Bildaufbau ist
    auch gelungen. Etwas nachschärfen und den Pentax-Farbstich
    hättest Du beseitigen können (mit Gimp oder PS).
    Gruß, Sascha
  • Albrecht Klöckner 1. September 2007, 15:50

    Hallo John,
    2D-wise your comment is fully appropriate - 3D-wise I personally find things different and less critical:
    The two independent digicams operate with individual focus, white-balance and exposure metering, therefore, with parallel cameras, these settings can naturally differ considerably, BUT, the fusioned 3D-image eliminates practically all these discrepancies. Still, I usually do try to minimize differences, yet, after quite a bit of fiddling I gave up since the 3D-result is the bl... same.
    Thanks for your remark on manual sync, about half of my pics do work out, the rest don´t.
  • John Stevensen 1. September 2007, 11:26

    It's so sad that there is a difference of colours between the two shots because this one of yours is a very interesting synchronisation in stereo.

    In fact it look like (when I look at your recent pictures took with your Optios) that the left camera used for the shots seem to present a certain problem of neatness and colours).