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Susana Miguel

Pro Mitglied, Zaragoza

Estação do Rocio

A bit of wikipedia-information about this lovely and photogenic station:

"Formerly known as Estação Central (Central Station) and that designation still appears in its façade.

The Station was commissioned by the Portuguese Royal Railway Company and was designed between 1886 and 1887 by Portuguese architect José Luís Monteiro. It was built in one the most important squares of Lisbon, the Rossio, and connected (and still connects) the city to the region of Sintra.

Trains gain access to the station, which is in the central urban area of Lisbon, through a tunnel which is more than 2600m long. This tunnel was excavated under the city and is considered one of the most important works of engineering of Portugal dating from the 19th century. It was completed in 1890, and soon after Lisbon's Circle Line with a connection to the North Line also opened. The station became Lisbon's main passenger terminus until 1957."
(source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rossio_Train_Station)

Quite and calm, the station platforms were empty and quiet, without the noise of people.

Lisboa, 28.07. - 04.08.2012

Kommentare 7

  • DRAGA PUC 10. Januar 2013, 11:48

  • Walter Torres 30. Dezember 2012, 23:38

    semplicemente ....... meravigliosa
  • s. sabine krause 12. Dezember 2012, 17:44

    the silvery shine of the platform floor, the foggy edges, the slight tilt in point of view… it all brings out the archetypal character of the train station in general as a place of transit and dreamy transition: nobody arrives in it to settle – ever! everybody just passes through it their respective ways to their destination. seeing people come and go has always been its destiny. a short-term home for those still on the move. a provisional island for the temporarily stranded. the most preciously anonymous places of all, where strangers pass each other, lives secretely collide for the moment it takes shoulders to nudge each other in the crowd… a place belonging to the moon rather than the sun… hugs, sabine.
  • El Porte-Bonheur 1. Oktober 2012, 9:55

    you have photographed a common subject in an uncommon manner. Very attractive final result - compliments
  • Reinhardt II 28. September 2012, 12:44

    Jeder Zug kommt mal an !!!!
    LG Reinhardt
  • Stropp 28. September 2012, 12:40

    Very cool presentation! I love this phtot - very interesting. Du wirst ja richtig experimentierfreudig. Sehr cool, dicken Knutscher, Ana
  • Nuria Zortém 28. September 2012, 11:32

    J'adore ce genre d'images. L'ambiance qui s'en dégage est superbe.
    Amitiés, Nuria


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