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Marie Strydom

Free Mitglied, Heidelberg

End of a giant

A dramatic scene. A gentle giant completing the circle of life.
Photo taken in the Kruger National park.
Canon 300 D

Kommentare 19

  • Mari-Angeles Sánchez 26. Februar 2007, 1:03

    Impresionante fotografia. Felicidades.
  • Petra.Schulz 30. Dezember 2006, 7:54

    Good picture! We alway forget this part of nature.
  • Dennis Veldman 1. September 2006, 7:33

    you have captured a great but sad moment.. the vulture with the wingspan.. wauw.. on top of the elephant...

  • Luke Johnson 13. August 2006, 12:31

    What a great picture, well put together!
  • Patrick B. Parenteau 13. August 2006, 8:45

    It's not pretty but it is the circle of life. I think I'll be vegetarian for the next few days.. Excellent work.
  • Jamie Hollett 5. August 2006, 7:34

    Wow, caught it just right. Fab work as always.
  • Steve Hull 2. August 2006, 23:26

    Title is spot-on. Kinda sad to see such a great creature in that state, but I guess that's life, or nature!

  • Fotofan 31. Juli 2006, 13:38

    Great shoot of Live.
  • Marc Thys 31. Juli 2006, 12:00

    Beautiful unique shot.
  • Robert L. Roux 28. Juli 2006, 8:52

    end of a giant -
    but three fishes would be good, too ... ;-))
  • Tomma Petcuscatti 28. Juli 2006, 8:43

    wow, this is wonderful.
    Great Foto.
  • Véronique Soulier 27. Juli 2006, 18:21

    another great shot of wild life..so ends some, so live the others probably less cruel than some human violent scenes.. cheers Véronique
  • Mark Johnston 26. Juli 2006, 18:18

    Holy crap, what a mess. Great capture of these scavangers at work. And an excellent title.
  • Theo Weijmer 26. Juli 2006, 14:46

    giant picture, nature doesn't spoil anything i suppose.
    Greetings Theo
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 26. Juli 2006, 12:46

    wow what a raw and wonderful scene.
    beautiful work, sad but hey thats life
  • Schabbesgoi ( Das Auge ) 26. Juli 2006, 9:51

    ein excellentes bild hast du da geschaffen, marie!
    ich wünsche dir noch einen schönen tag!
    have a nice day!
    s.grüsse / regards
    wuppertal, germany
  • Michael J.. 25. Juli 2006, 23:22

    A dramatic scenerie in superb quality.
    Regards Michael
  • Peter Mertz 25. Juli 2006, 19:37

    as Rob - it's a great photo.
  • Rob Bennett 25. Juli 2006, 19:03

    Amazing photograph, nothing goes to waste at all. The top vulture with his wings spread realy sets it off.
    Cheers Rob.