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Edelweiss en mass

Edelweiss en mass

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Edelweiss en mass

Northern Mongolia is rich with edelweiss. Because of its popularity people don’t know its features well. Field, where edelweiss has grown in mass is avoided to use as pastureland for livestock by herdsmen because if livestock eat too much of the flowers get caused stomach problems as like as digestive disorder even they die.
Edelweiss is a longer living flower and has wonderful medicinal value. So, it is used as treatment for the following illnesses as like as hyphertension, typhys and blooding. Edelweiss has very pleasant scent and it is really soft, if we touch. So it is helpful to make pillow from edelweiss or lay under feet on the sole for preventing from high blood pressure. And edelweiss is very important herb for typhys and blooding.
When I returned home I was carrying more than one kilo dried edelweiss to my wife, she was waiting at home.

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