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Xavier Laine

Free Mitglied, Nantes

Devil kitty 3D (stereoscopic)

Not a sharp picture... my cameras not sharp enough for this fugitive yawning.
(because of automatic resizing, I deleted the last post and reupload a new one with the good weight. Sorry for the comment deleted with the post. I changed the title, now inspired by your words. thanks)

Kommentare 8

  • K.P. Meyer 30. Juli 2006, 13:58

    I think i won't meet here so near :-)
  • Xavier Laine 30. Juli 2006, 11:52

    It's an electrical sync, with a jack. And the sync can be perfect, but for high speed stereos, I don't know. I even don't know if Nikon 5700 can make good high speed pictures. Too fast for a bridge. Did you already get information about LANC Shepherd ? It seems to be a good ready-to-use system too.
  • Xavier Laine 30. Juli 2006, 3:39

    I use 2 Nikon 5700 with an handmade (not by me) system of synchronization.
  • Xavier Laine 29. Juli 2006, 1:01

    Don't worry this animal is in very good health. In France, we call them "chat nu" (hairless cat). This sort of "hairless cat" is Sphynx, or canadian sphynx, or canadian hairless. They're like other sorts of cat. They are very tender. For example, this one insisted to spend the night inside my bed, in order to take advantage of the warmth of my body. And they're not completely hairless.
  • Sascha Becher 28. Juli 2006, 14:09

    Nice shot with the open mouth and the tongue.
    Is this animal in good health? Never saw such a cat...
    Looks somewhat like a snake.
  • Hubert Becker 28. Juli 2006, 12:56

    I totally agree with 3Dimka.
    Very, very eerie!

  • 3Dimka Bessmertniy 28. Juli 2006, 4:50

    Excellent moment caught in 3D!
  • Serge Côté 28. Juli 2006, 3:57

    Is it a cat or a bat ? Strange little pussy !