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dead articulation 1

dead articulation 1

334 8

Ernó Z Simonon

Free Mitglied, Berlin

dead articulation 1

the cigarette smoke chokes
the coffee is weak


dead articulation 2
dead articulation 2
Ernó Z Simonon

dead articulation 3
dead articulation 3
Ernó Z Simonon

Kommentare 8

  • Ernó Z Simonon 4. Juni 2005, 17:07

    :) sounds good. i once could play all the right reasons on guitar, even while singing to it. but. you know. we're all getting older. maybe i'll bring a discman.
    but the novel, yes. will there be pictures in it, or maybe drawings?
  • Ernó Z Simonon 4. Juni 2005, 16:59

    or we can of course drink warm chocolate from a thermos and sing old songs and tell stories from a different world filled with dogshit and grey trees until we are so cold that we need a snowballfight and then you take a picture of giga's snowball hittin me in my head and we laugh and start to walk back and on the way we find an old house with an old woman who just made coffee and waffels and she explains that when she still was a young and beautiful girl she visited a letterfriend in norway and i realize it was my grandfather and i tell her she is still beautiful and she makes more coffee and when the sun goes down there's still so many more stories to be told cause life is nothing but stories and sometimes you understand you are in the middle of one and you have to smile, from the inside.
  • Ernó Z Simonon 4. Juni 2005, 16:40

    heh yes i guess. two winters without now. maybe im rich enough this winter. then i'll bring giga and we'll meet and sit down in the middle of lots of white and share a bottle of vodka. or so. :)
  • Ernó Z Simonon 4. Juni 2005, 16:34

    ah miss the mountains. prenzlauer berg is in the long run a bit too small. and its difficult to snowboard down to mitte, so to speak. not to mention the dogshit.
    how is it then, there, between the mountains?
  • Ernó Z Simonon 4. Juni 2005, 16:23

    hehe the rules of attraction ....
    or maybe more murphy's law.
    no dog shit in .. where is it you and your life live, zürich?
  • Ernó Z Simonon 4. Juni 2005, 16:15

    unlike all other dogs in berlin, this one is trained to use a doggy-bag.... :)
  • Ernó Z Simonon 4. Juni 2005, 15:46

    hehehe, it just needs it freedom sometimes, but he knows where he belongs. like a dog, you know.
  • Owen Noah 3. Juni 2005, 23:06

    das find ich am besten !
    poppiger rock ,o])