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Robert Riley

Basic Mitglied, London

Cutty Sark

The famous Clipper ship the 'Cutty Sark' in Greenwich has been devasted to day by fire. The ship was undergoing a 45m Euro Renovation when the fire started this morning at about 4.30am GMT.

Fortunately the Figurehead, masts and rigging, deck planking, and about half the Teak Hull planking had been removed and are safe. A friend of mine who is working on the project told me today that the rest of the ship is devastated.

I am pleased to say that the renovation team are confident that the ship will be restored, using up to 60% of its original fabric.


Kommentare 4

  • Dennis Maloney 24. Juni 2007, 23:52

    What a shame about the fire and the lose...but, also I am grateful for the modern technology that will allow her to be fully restored....thanks for the news and website info...regards, den
  • Reinhardt Graetz 21. Mai 2007, 20:45

    Bad and good news, both at once: hopeful the ship can be restored. You were lucky to shoot her just before - so you've got a very actual documentation.
    LG Reinhardt
  • Luc Grollie 21. Mai 2007, 20:35

    seen on the news, are you sure the're gonna recuperate 60% ???
  • Michael Buxbaum 21. Mai 2007, 20:14

    Glück gehabt, dass du das Schiff noch erwischt hast! Leider ja abgebrennt! lg michi