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Custom House Dublin

Custom House Dublin

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Andreas Neier

Free Mitglied, Dublin

Custom House Dublin

Aufgenomen mit Nikon F70 dann Scan vom Dia. Danach nur standard Korrekturen.

Hintergrundinfo zum Custom House Dublin:
No view of Dublin's skyline is complete without a tableau of the Custom House, one of Dublin's finest Georgian buildings. Designed by James Gandon and completed in 1791, it is beautifully proportioned, with a long classical façade of graceful pavilions, arcades, columns; a central dome topped by a 16 foot- statue of Commerce; and 14 keystones over the doors and windows, known as the Riverine Heads because they respect the Atlantic Ocean and the 13 principal rivers of Ireland. Although burned to a shell in 1921, this building has been masterfully restored and its bright Portland stone recently cleaned

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