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Frank Boots

Free Mitglied, Voorst gem. Voorst

Csenge nr 2

Hasselblad 500 cm mit Sonar 150 mm + converter 2x = 300mm
film: Ilford Delta 100 in X-tol
1/60 f 16

Kommentare 7

  • franz13 2. März 2015, 21:23

    schöne aufnahme
  • Eberhard Steuer 13. Februar 2003, 8:16

    Good portrait and great ligth and colours.
    regards Eberhard
  • Magic Zyks 12. Februar 2003, 22:49

    schönes portrait!
  • Freya Mertens-Boese 12. Februar 2003, 21:22

    Beautiful portrait and great color.
  • Burkhard C. Schipper 12. Februar 2003, 21:04

    The cut of the cloth fits very well to the hair. It "frames" the face in a natural way. It also corresponds to the cutted head at the top. Thus the observer is confronted directly with the lighter straight facial expression (which is also a bit provocating). The observer can not escape this expression since he is blocked at the top and the right by the hair and at the bottom by the dark cloth. The only exit out of this picture is at the left side. But since we are used to read from the left to the right, our eyes feel uncomfortable to leave the picture at this side. The square format is even supporting it.

    By the way, thanks for the added technical details.
  • Günter Peschel 12. Februar 2003, 20:27

    Denke auch, dass ihr beiden wisst was ihr tut.
    Gruss aus Nürnberg
  • Jpg Factory 12. Februar 2003, 20:14

    Good portrait.
    The light is totally good.
    The model looks comfortable and you both know what you are doing :)



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