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Charitonov-Rastorguev’s house

Charitonov-Rastorguev’s house

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Vadim Nifontov

Free Mitglied, Yekaterinburg

Kommentare 7

  • Micha Luhn 2. August 2006, 7:54

    Thanks for your infos, Vadim!
  • Vadim Nifontov 1. August 2006, 20:26

    This house is in city Ekaterinburg (Russia).
    Before revolution belonged to the landowners Charitonov and Rastorguev. On legends, in cellars
    this house they have killed a lot of simple people. Now it is the house of children's creativity.
    The site with lanterns is near to a place where last Russian King Nikolay II. tragically has perished.

    Regards Vadim
  • Micha Luhn 1. August 2006, 8:17

    Well made stereo pic, Vadim. The scenery looks very nice. Where ist it?

    regards Micha
  • Vadim Nifontov 31. Juli 2006, 20:21

    Thanking FC I have become to do such stereowindow.
  • Serge Côté 30. Juli 2006, 21:20

    One of mine with "almost" the same kind of frame ...


    PS: Once there, you will have to click on the picture to expand it to the complete cross-eyes view of the picture.

    :-), Serge
  • Jan-Dierk Borgmann 30. Juli 2006, 20:44

    A very good Stereo with an intersting version of "flap-frame" ... (-;
    Greeetings from Jan
  • Hubert Becker 30. Juli 2006, 19:29

    Welcome to fc-stereosection, Vadim.
    Very nice scenery with a perfect *flap-frame*.
    Please tell us, who is Charitonov Rastorguev?