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chair baby was returned to his family in Ijzendijke

chair baby was returned to his family in Ijzendijke

653 17

Frederick Mann

World Mitglied, Wuppertal-Arrenberg

chair baby was returned to his family in Ijzendijke

for those of you who were wondering where he is ... He is enjoing the flat fog covered fields of his neighborhood ...

Chair baby with mommy and daddy
Chair baby with mommy and daddy
Frederick Mann

Kommentare 17

  • Marit Wachtler 21. Januar 2008, 9:59

    Das ist richtig klasse. Die Sonne geht auf.
  • E-Punkt 15. Januar 2008, 17:20

    chair baby on tour !
    And back again.
    LG Elfi
  • marie-antoinettesgiraffenhals 15. Januar 2008, 9:02

  • Q.61 15. Januar 2008, 6:59

    Das wird ja ne richtige Storry. Weiter so.

  • iwant2c 14. Januar 2008, 22:31

    :-) I like it !
  • Ilidio Fernandes 14. Januar 2008, 16:53

    Made me smile, well done
  • Claudia Jenniges 14. Januar 2008, 15:04

    Excellent *

    It´s looking over drivers shoulder and
    especting to make the driving license ;-)

    LG Claudia
  • Yours Truly 14. Januar 2008, 14:23

    I'm sure, this was a happy reunion ... and it had a lot to tell Mommy and Daddy ...

    Cheers, Claus
  • Frederick Mann 14. Januar 2008, 13:50

    @Sasha ... then you can imagine what the other cars that were behind us thought aobut...
  • Frederick Mann 14. Januar 2008, 11:25

    @Lisa Stamm ... in answer to your questions ... Chair baby is grown enough to have his own seat in the rear of the auto .. and I must admit @Peter gave me a good idea ... that I should get a camera for chair baby.. or take that seat for myself ... (imagine the what lovely fotos one could take from that position)

    and does He have Geschwister?
    no ...
    not yet,
    but I don't think chair Mommy&Daddy are ready for more children (even if the kindgergeld situation has improved) but chair baby has a cousin .. chair baby blue ... who will appear in some fotos in the future ... and a playmate... chair baby red
    is away most of the time doing model jobs for advertising -- she often poses naked ..
  • Lisa Elisabeth Stamm 14. Januar 2008, 10:34

    Hast du für dein chair baby einen Kindersitz im Auto?
    Und bekommt es bald ein Geschwisterchen....
    lg Lisa Stamm
  • Anni R. 14. Januar 2008, 10:27

    schöne idee , mag ich
  • rwesiak 14. Januar 2008, 9:42

    *)))))))))) strong rgds rosi
  • Frederick Mann 14. Januar 2008, 7:42

    @Peter ... yes... how right you are... I never thought of that ... it would be great to shot fotos from that position (vantage point?) ...

    maybe I should have given chair baby a camera