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Model Natasha

Free Mitglied, Wien


credits Michael H. Sinn

Make-Up Katalin Fegerl Mag.

Kommentare 19

  • Hadi Entesari 31. Oktober 2008, 17:15

    good shot portrait
  • Viktor Hazilov 9. September 2006, 14:34

    super bild
  • Andreas-Hoffmann 23. August 2006, 19:30

    That´s my favorit . Like absolut the name CCCP . Top
    and power .
  • Alessandro Della Casa 18. August 2006, 23:13

    Wunderschönes Porträt....
  • Ray Steinberg 18. August 2006, 1:50

    Hey Natallia,

    I'm reading some of the comments, that alot of these guys are posting after looking at your photos, and it seems that many of them are really getting HOT !!!, by looking at them....seriously :-)
    You gotta tell them to cool down, maybe take a cold shower. ;-)
    These guys are generating so much heat, I can feel it all the way here in New York.
    Natallia, please, don't be the main cause of
    I still want to live a few more years. :-)

    Cool Ray
  • Andi Kunar 11. August 2006, 23:41


    LG, Andi
  • Model Natasha 10. August 2006, 18:02

    @ pirate
    yes, u are right about the colour of the t-shirt. It wasn´t planned to use it, was just a gimmick :-)
  • Nicy L. 10. August 2006, 11:48

    Gefällt mir sehr gut

    LG Nicy
  • Michael H. Sinn 10. August 2006, 10:12

    @ ray

    cccp is the same like SSSR

    Sojus Sowjetskich Sozialistitscheskich Respublik

    couldn´t use russian types here to show what it mean correctly

    so i use sssr :-)

  • Ray Steinberg 10. August 2006, 4:55

    I always wear my red CCCP shirt,
    When I'm in the mood to flirt. ;-)

    btw what is CCCP ????

  • Akt Art Muc 9. August 2006, 17:56

    Well done........... nice work

    LG Bieber..........:-)
  • Chris Eleven 9. August 2006, 16:57

    I really like the makeup and this beautiful view. Pretty eyes. The light is great. Brilliant picture!
  • Jörg Böh 9. August 2006, 16:11

    beautiful light and fresh colours.But the hairs in your face, near the mouth are note quite ideal.
    great makeup besides.
    your view direction would be better, if you had looked more left or right to the camera with focusssed =smaller eyes..
  • Detlev D. 9. August 2006, 15:56


    LG Detlev
  • Arndt Deckers 9. August 2006, 15:53

    Tres bien .................... :-)

    Gruß Arndt